We are seasoned entrepreneurs, based in Berlin, with extensive expertise in building global B2B and B2C technology companies and we love to support your startup with our knowledge and network. 

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Makers, Dreamers, Geniuses, Pioneers, Misfits, Rebels, Heroes: These are some of many words used to describe entrepreneurs. At Voltage Ventures, we embrace them all because we love and live for entrepreneurship. Our passion for our industry is insatiable, as is our conviction to fuel the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Cross-Channel Marketing Orchestration

Fastest growing B2B network worldwide that connects buyers and suppliers.

The leading app for anglers. Log and discover fishing experiences through Fishbrain.

Customizable, high-quality golf balls at a low price.

Creates unique fashion in a “german-chick”-style.

HeavenHR offers a free all-in-one human resources solution.

Get compensated for delayed flights and other airline mishaps.

Full service cost competitive accounting solution that is faster, more efficient and offers great business insight.

Gamified mobile advertisements to engage users in a whole new way.

Hi-Clip offers a video-white-label solution for communities and websites.

Scondoo is a Germany based, mobile and online cash back program.

Plista provides innovative solutions for targeted digital advertising.

NativeAds allows for brands to automatically distribute content on numerous thematicaly fitting publications.

Apprupt operates a performance-based network for in-content advertisements.

Lets you order services for your office in a simple all-in-one solution.

GetSafe is your mobile insurance broker.

Ongo Works flagship product is Reaction Commerce, a PaaS e-commerce solution for businesses.

Helps e-commerce webshops worldwide to make use of their customer behavior data.

Read full length books online. Inkitt studies reading patterns to discover the next best sellers.

E-commerce platform for kindergarten and school furniture.

Helps retailers to integrate their videos into their product page and multiply their audience.

Innovative cross-selling of product insurances at the point-of-sale in e-commerce.

Business Intelligence software company that provides fast and easy data analytics.

The efficient alternative weight-loss program for staying slim.

High-quality women’s shoes at a fair price by cutting out middleman.

Your doctor online and available 24/7.

Rent toys online for a fixed monthly subscription fee.

With OONA you can create your own individual handbag by choosing the design and material.

Offering real estate brokerage services in a convenient online solution at a much lower price than traditional brokers.


Our team is comprised of entrepreneurs who have built and sold numerous businesses, as well as investors who have backed leading digital companies worldwide. The Voltage Ventures team is further strengthened by its supporters, all of whom have shaped their respective industries.

We support AdTech founders through our experience creating, building and selling companies in this vertical for more than 10 years. We extend this knowledge to all portfolio companies who may benefit from a refined marketing approach.

Rouven Dresselhaus is Partner at Voltage Ventures. Prior to Voltage Ventures, Rouven has invested in more than 35 companies worldwide. He is the go-to guy for our portfolio companies whenever they need strategic advice, input on their product, network and fundraising.

Furthermore, Rouven is unbeaten in MarioKart and enjoys playing backgammon and table-tennis. Rouven's academic career ended when he dropped out of WHU's Ph.D. program in order to pursue his passion in Venture Capital.

Rouven Dresselhaus


Thomas Olszewski is Investment Manager at Voltage Ventures, where he handles dealflow, due diligence and execution of investments. Prior to joining Voltage in 2015, Thomas was a Trader & Analyst at a hedge fund in the New York area.

At the Nasdaq stock exchange, Thomas lead a team that built some of the first financial mobile applications. While completing his studies at the University of Exeter, he ran an electronics resell business.

Thomas Olszewski

Investment Manager

Dr. Dominik Matyka is our AdTech expert. He founded and exited plista and invested in and co-founded multiple companies in this field. In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavors he carrys a Ph.D in Tech Innovation from TU Berlin.

If he is not hustling for our portfolio companies Dominik can be found on the golf yard, doing cross-fit or taking an oldtimer for a ride. Furthermore he is an active and happy member of the EO and YPO.

Dominik Matyka

Venture Partner

Marcel Hollerbach is our man when it comes to tech and online marketing. He advices our companies with technical support, network and AdTech expertise. After studying IT business in Würzburg and Stanford University he focused on the AdTech industry where he co-founded and merged several companies like hiClip and NativeAds.

When he is not in front of the screen exploring new technologies, Marcel enjoys playing guitar and piano and going on jam sessions with friends and fellow entrepreneurs.

Marcel Hollerbach

Venture Partner